Where to buy Derma rollers?

We know that we are not the only supplier of Derma rollers and serums. To make sure you are choosing the right products, we have made a shortlist you should consider before buying.

Factors to be considered when buying Derma roller and Serums

There are many poor quality Derma rollers on the market. Many of these cheap products grant you no security in allergy risk, skin infection or scarring. Simply don’t risk it. We cannot be more and specific.

The Quality of the Needles

The most important part of the roller will be the needles.
Many outdated rollers are made of surgical steel needles, which are prone to bending and rusting.
The needles used should be made out of titanium since it doesn’t rust or bend easily. It is simpler to clean and maintain.

Money Back Guarantee

Responsible sellers won’t risk their business so they will ensure the quality of their products by offering a money-back guarantee. To avoid getting a poor quality roller, you should always look for a product guarantee.

Customer Service

Active online customer service is an indication that the seller is reliable and cares about their customers. A responsible seller most usually provides quality products.

Proper how-to-use Instructions available

Be sure the seller offers proper usage instructions. If you plan to perform micro-needling at home, it is important that you have the proper usage instructions. At Derma Magica, you will always get the latest information and knowledge in micro-needling. Because we care.
WARNING: Improper usage of a Derma roller can lead to undesirable side effects and poor skin improvement. Several common side effects of Derma rolling are dryness, inflammation and even infection on very rare occasions. Proper guidance will minimise these problems tremendously.

Where to Buy your Derma Roller – In-store or online?

You can buy your new Derma roller in a local store and in most beauty stores too. But be aware that many stores charge a premium price of around $/€ 80 – 100 for just one roller without cream or serum.
Buying online is usually cheaper. You can get a professional Derma Magica microneedle roller for under half of the store prices.