Dermarolling for hair loss is the most effective natural remedy known

All you need to know about dermarolling for hair loss

Dermarolling hair loss has lately become a very hot subject for many beauty experts.

So, does dermarolling for hair growth work? Derma rollers for hair growth really works!Dermaroller best microneedling for hair loss study

Studies have shown that the healing process of microscopic wounds created by micro needling (derma rollers, derma pens or derma stamps) will stimulate the productions of proteins which are responsible for the development of new hair follicle. Microneedling scalp improves blood circulation and increases follicles nutrients and thanks to that ensure new hair growth. Derma roller for hair is a must-have gadget for all beauty enthusiasts.

You must be aware that to see results of micro-needling for hair growth therapy, you will need to wait several months. It is not a miracle cure! You need to be consistent and have patience. Individual results can vary; it all depends on your general health condition, sex, age and genetics.

How to use dermaroller for hair and a derma roller for scalp treatment

Things you should know before you start to dermaroll hair.

It is extremely important to know how to use dermaroller for hair loss to avoid any unpleasant side effects.

Derma roll hair treatment instructions:

  1. Before using derma roller for hair remember to wet your scalp and hair, to avoid getting your hair tangled in the roller.
  2. Always begin dermarolling hair on the hairline or at the front of the scalp going down your head.
  3. Focusing on one section of the scalp at the time and roll on each section 10-15 times. Remember to change directions by rolling vertically and horizontally, a few times each way.
  4. Repeat dermarolling scalp until you have covered all areas that require dermaroller hair treatment.
  5. If you want better results, you could apply some of the natural hair growth stimulators as cocos oil, thymine oil or peppermint oil. You can use more aggressive pharmaceuticals with Minoxidil. Dermaroller and minoxidil, which is very interesting if you would like to see fast effects on microneedling for hair loss.

After treatment remember to clean your derma roller properly.

How to regrow hairline?

Are you wondering how to grow back a receding hairline?

If you would like to find out how to regrow hair in your frontal hairline naturally just keep reading.

This hairline problem is very common for men.

Dermaroller hairline treatment is very easy and takes no time, as the treated area is smaller. Of course, you will need to wait for at least several weeks to see results; it all depends on the treatment intensity and if you are using hair growth products to help or not.
Experts recommend using a dermapen for hair loss for beginners, especially if you have long hair. Some people prefer to use derma stamp for hair loss, which can treat bigger areas at a time than a derma pen can.

Dermaroller for hair growth will treat bigger areas, but you need to be careful to not get your hair stuck in the roll. Indeed, the best way is to try different things and see what works best for you.

Which size of derma roller for hair loss should you choose?

If I were to choose a dermaroller for hair, I would start with the one with a needle size of 0,25mm. Generally however, needle length depends on therapy method and your pain resistance. Remember that more painful does not mean more effective.

We would say that there are 2 methods: First, using dermo rollers or other dermo devices with supporting hair growth products, and the second method will be without it, just using the derma roller only.

If you choose the first method, we do not recommend using a needle length longer than 0,5mm, because the active ingredients could go too deeply into the scalp and cause some side effects.

For the second method we recommend a needle length from 0.5mm up to 1.0mm.

Some experts recommend using 2 different length needles, from 0.25mm to 0.5mm, which should be best to facilitate absorption for your usual hair loss treatment. A derma roller with a longer needle size should be used to promote hair and follicle growth.

How often can I do dermarolling for hair loss treatment?

To stimulate the production of follicles and hair, you should use derma rollers or derma stamps with a needle length from 0.5mm up to 1.0mm, a maximum of once a week.

Meanwhile, derma rollers with smaller needles can be used every second day together with your favourite hair loss treatment.

Remember that derma rollers should not be used on irritated or wounded skin. It is only for personal use.

Can dermarolling for hair loss treatment be used for men and women?

No matter if you are female or male, if are you experiencing thinning hair on the scalp, a receding hair line, alopecia or baldness, then microneedling for hair loss is a treatment for you.
Moreover, if you have a history of such problems in your family and you would like to prevent them so they will not happen to you, you are in the right place.

Dermaroller for hair loss results – clinical research

Published in July 2013 in the International Journal of Trichology. A pilot-research compared derma roller used for a hair loss treatment combined with minoxidil. That study showed that hair loss treatment with the use of a derma roller was much more effective. You can see the study below.


Another study shows that the micro-injuries caused by derma roller will trigger the response of the wound-healing process. At the same time, that process will stimulate Wnt proteins production that will lead to hair regrowth and the prevention of TGF-β2, which induces hair loss.