How to use derma roller?

How to use a dermaroller at home – Microneedling instructions

If you are wondering how to use derma roller at home, we are more than happy to help. Below you can find all valid information about this fascinating subject “how use derma roller?”

It is essential to know how to use derma roller correctly. Without proper information how to derma roll your face and other parts of your body, you can easily do more damage than good for your skin. Please, fallow our derma rolling instructions.

Basically, the usage of derma roller is simple and almost the same, no matter on which part of your body you are using. There are different derma roller size and shapes, but the objective is the same, to roll on your skin with tinny and very sharp needles. You can read more about the difference between derma rollers here.

The preparation before micro needling and steps after will always be different. You should remember, that if you are using your derma roller as a hair loss treatment, you should wet your hair before treatment, to avoid tangling hair. But you can read more about derma rolling for hair loss here.

And of course, depend on treated problem or zone, you are gone use different beauty products to maximise the efficacy of the treatment, and you may use different derma roller size. Using professional products, adequately chosen to your concerns, together with derma roller, you can power up the treatment by 100%

Fallow derma roller instructions below to avoid any unnecessary skin problems

1. Never share your derma roller.

2. Before micro needling treatment, make sure that your derma roller is not defective. You can do that by checking if it can spin freely without getting stock and needles should not be bent.

3. Disinfect your derma roller before use. You can read more about proper cleaning presiders before and after using derma roller here.

4. Wash your face with an antiseptic cleanser to make sure that your face is clean. Women, if wearing make-up, should remember to remove it before. If you are performing treatment on any other part of your body, you should wash it with antiseptic cleanser as well.

5. When all is ready, take your derma roller, put it on your face and press gently or moderate to your skin. The best will be using “index” finger to do it, and then roll on fourth and back for 2-4 times in vertical direction while pulling the skin carefully with one hand, then repeat in the horizontal direction, after repeat on each part of the skin which needs treatment.

6. After use, clean your derma roller properly. You can find instructions here.

Remember that you can’t put any sunscreen, tanning lotion or make-up after micro needling, best up to 24h. They can cause infection if get deep into your skin true micro-punctures.

You will notice redness on treated skin area, do not worry; it is totally normal. The redness will fade away after 2-5 days, but of course, it depends on the intensity of your treatment, products you are using and your general skin condition.

You can use numbing cream, if you are sensitive to pain or if you are using rollers with bigger needles, as its gone be more painful, remember to clean off the numb cream and disinfect your face or body before micro needling treatment.

Be aware that your derma roller needs to be often replaced. Many people do that mistake, thinking that you buy your derma roller and can use it forever. As main working part of derma roller are needles, it is essential that they are sharp and in the perfect condition. We are recommending replacing your derma roller once a month if you are using it few times a week. Or after about 15 uses.

Caution before dermaroller procedure

DO NOT use derma roller, derma pen or derma stamp if you are having:

– Acne breakouts now
– Herpes
– Eczema
– Hypersensitive skin
– Fungal infection
– Inflammation
– Skin cancer
– Sunburn
– Warts
– Open wounds
– Keloid condition
– Psoriasis
– Solar keratosis

As well DO NOT use derma roller if you are on medication below:

– Antibiotic
– Medicine that slow down healing
– Drugs that thinning your blood
– Antidepressant
– Does that cause hypersensitivity
– High blood pressure medication

If you are having any health problems generally, we are recommending consulting micro-needling treatment with your GP.

Micro-needling shouldn’t be performed after some beauty treatments, like:

– Botox
– Laser
– Filler injections
– Chemical peeling
– Microdermabrasion

If you would like to do derma rolling treatment, you need to wait until your skin is fully recovered.

Be very careful when rolling around your eyes and on your lips, as skin in that part of your face is extremally delicate and much thinner. We are recommending using a smaller derma roller with 180 needles, uniquely designed for that area.

Never use derma roller on your eyelids, it is too dangerous.

Dermaroller. how often to use for the best result?

How often to use derma roller depends in the first place on the treatment. For different micro needling therapies, you will need to use different needle sizes and then the recovery time for your skin may be different. It depends as well on condition of your skin. You may want to use it more often but remember that more not always means better. Your skin needs time to recover.

We would recommend using a derma roller with needle size:

– 0,2mm or 0,25mm can be used every second day
– 0,5mm can be used once a week
– 1mm can be used every second week
– 1,5mm and above should be used every 4-5 weeks.

It is essential to listen to your body and see how your skin is reacting to the treatment, sometimes you will need to use your derma roller less, or you may use it more often.