What is a derma roller and microneedling?

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a handheld device with a small cylinder with many microneedles and as the name says, it is to roll on. Derma rollers come in many different shapes and colours, but the important thing is that it comes with many different needle sizes (0.2mm – 3.0mm). The size of needles depends on the treatment type and body area they are used on.
Once you know what is a derma roller and how does dermarolling work you will never go back.

Use only good quality instruments; using poor instruments may lead to breakage of needles in the skin.

What is microneedling?

Many people wonder what it is microneedling and what it is derma rolling. Derma rolling and micro needling are the same things, but the names come from different words. Microneedling (also micro-needling) or Dermarolling (also derma-rolling) is a beauty treatment where very thin needles puncture the skin, causing micro wounds and provoking the skin-healing process. The micro-needling term comes from microneedles attached to the device used for that beauty treatment. The derma-rolling term comes from the device name, which is a derma roller.

What does microneedling do?

Microneedling mainly improves your skin condition, as new layers of skin tissue are formed after “damaging” your old skin with micro-needles. In essence, microneedling stimulates the skin to repair itself. It is known to help with hair loss problems as well. You can read more here.

Does microneedling work?

Are you wondering, does skin needling really work? Well, there is a reason why all the best beauty salons and aestheticians are offering microneedling treatments to their customers.
In combination with specialised beauty products, it can perform miracles for skin concerns like surgical and acne scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, large pores, dark spots, cellulite, stretch marks and skin elasticity.

How does dermarolling work?

Did you ever wonder what do derma rollers do? Dermarolling produces micro-wounds by rolling it over the skin, mostly body, face or scalp. That naturally provokes the body’s healing system and at the same time collagen and elastin production, which can be a cure for some skin problems. The process is a little invasive, but still, safe to do at home on your own.
If you would like to improve your skin’s appearance without any risky and expensive procedures you need a derma roller.

It can be used for a range of skin concerns or even hair loss problem.

Does derma rollers really work?

The answer to the question, do derma rollers work, is straightforward – it works if you are using it. As with many natural cures, you need to be patient and consistent, but it can indeed regenerate and improve your skin’s appearance.
Another advantage of derma rolling therapy is the fact that while using a derma roller you radically increase the number of topical solutions that your skin can absorb, like hyaluronic acid and different vitamins serums.

The derma roller effect. What to expect?

Derma roller effects will depend on the problem you are targeting. But generally, the worse your skin is the most excellent result you can expect.

You can also expect derma roller side effects, mostly redness, swelling and a little pain during the treatment. If you are a sensitive person and your pain level is not too high, you can use some numbing creams. Redness and swelling will go away within a few hours, which is why we are recommending performing your derma rolling treatment in the evenings. An excellent device to calm the skin is the ice roller.
The results you can expect is fresh, rejuvenated, smoother and radiant skin.

What is Dermapen doing that a derma roller cannot do?

A dermapen can efficiently treat hard-to-reach areas for a traditional derma roller, like areas around the nose, eyes and upper lip.

How dermapen works?

The needles in a dermapen penetrate the skin vertically, while needles in a dermaroller penetrate the skin’s surface at an angle. A dermapen will cause less epidermal damage, which means less recovery time for the skin.

Does dermapen work?

Dermapen really works if you use it regularly. Dermapen effects can first be seen after a few weeks of micro-needling therapy. However, if at the same time you are using specialist serums, the results will be a boost. It can be seen even after 5 to 10 treatments, depending on the products you are using.

What is derma stamp?

A derma stamp is a tool in the shape of the stamp with tiny needles, and as the name suggests, it works by stamping microneedles into your skin or scalp. It operates on the same idea of improving skin condition like a derma roller or derma pen.
The different between a derma stamp and derma pen is the number of needles each tool has. Derma stamps have mostly about 80 needles, while derma pens have only between 30-40 needles and derma rollers have up to 1200 needles.

A derma stamp and derma pen are used on the skin area targeting only the problem, like for instance age spots or acne scars.